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How to remove your Internet Usage from your PC

There are a number of reasons why you will want to remove your internet usage history from your PC.  The main one would be to free up some space on your hard drive by removing the Internet Cache. Other reasons may be security, or you somehow appeared on a web site which contains images and content you were not expecting.

I have only added details for the 2 main browsers, Internet Explorer and Firefox. However there are other browsers and the idea is very similar.

Internet Explorer users:

Clearing Internet History
Open IE and select Tools->Internet Options, then select Clear History. Alternatively delete individual items, using the History Pane accessible from the toolbar button.
Clearing Cookies
Open IE and select Tools->Internet Options, select Delete Cookies. Alternatively delete individual items, accessible using the View Files button on the same screen.
Warning: Some sites use cookies to store information to allow you to automatically log on to their site. If you delete your cookies you may have to log back onto these sites
Clearing Internet Cache
Whenever you visit a web site a copy of the pages and images is stored on your PC. To clear this cache open IE and select Tools->Internet Options and Delete Files.
Warning: This can take several minutes to do, I have know it take up to 20 minutes.
Firefox users:
Use the ctrl-shift-delete key combination and check the list for what you want to delete (cookies, passwords, form and password data, temp files). Alternatively delete individual items, go to the Tools menu and click Options > Privacy > Cookies > View Cookies to choose which ones to keep and delete.
If deleting your Cookies or Internet Cache please read the warnings above.


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