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Email errors and problems with Email not Working


The information is more general to email errors rather than specific. If you require help with Outlook Express Errors please visit the dedicated page.

First thing to do is make a note of any errors you receive, from the first error through to the last. Most people only remember the last error when it is the first one which is causing the issue. Another question to ask is "Has it been working?", generally it could just be a "blip" at your ISP and it will clear within a few minutes/hours.


If you have changed something then it may be you have entered the incorrect information. Here are a few common error codes with explaination:


Can't find host - the email client is trying to access the server which it has been told receives your email. If this was working but now isn't then it could be a technical issue with your ISP and is usually back within a few hours.

Some ISP's have a status page which will give you details of known issues with their servers and network. It is worth finding and keeping a note of this for quick reference.

If it is still not back then you will need to contact your ISP to see if you need to make changes in your email client. These changes are likely to be with the POP3 or SMTP servers. It could also just be with your connection, try dropping the connection and reconnecting, or if your computer hasn't been rebooted for a few days just reboot it.


Timeout - Email timeouts can be caused by a large email coming through. Has someone sent you a photo or file which is large and is just taking a while to come through. Sometimes your email client may not realise the file is still downloading and just "Timeout". If you have access to Webmail with your email account then connect using that and delete the offending file.


POP3 Invalid Username - POP3 is the method for receiving email and the username identifies you on the ISP server. If you have not changed it and it was working then you may need to phone up your mail provider.

Check your username against what has been entered in the options screen on your email client.

If you have a free email account seperate from your connection provider and you haven't used it for a while then they may have closed it.


POP3 Invalid Password - Similar to above but this is your password. Most passwords are case sensitive and sometimes uses numbers instead of letters e.g. he11o (11 = eleven).


SMTP Rejected Recipient - SMTP is the method of sending email.  This is usually the email address you are sending email to is incorrect.





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